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Spring Menu

125 per guest

75 wine pairing



our breads and butters​

dungeness crab, manzanilla olive bearnaise, kohlrabi, sansho   

smoked trout, sweet spring onion, curry leaf, 

black trumpettes, creme, purple mustard 

tartare on the bone 

spring vegetables in consomme, iberico jamon

lamb with fermented garlic, charred allium, stems of rapini,and miners lettuce

salad of satsumas, frozen rhubarb,olive oil jam

nocino, okinawa black sugar, sable, malt, elixir

executive chef justin woodward

wine director brent braun

castagna has a goal of paying all of our employees a living wage. to that end, we are enacting a 20% service charge that goes toward equitable pay for both the front and back of house.

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