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Castagna is partnering with True World Foods to bring you fresh Japanese seafood!

Greetings! We hope these early days of Autumn are treating you well. We are excited to explore the changing seasons and to see what ingredients are becoming available both in Oregon and abroad. Of late, we have been lucky enough to team up with True World Foods to participate in their Tsukiji Express Seafood Program! True World says of this program, "We carefully inspect and select the best offerings from the world's most famous fish market, Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, always in accordance with our customers specifications. Then we handle them with care, pack them to retain the peak quality of freshness, and express ship direct to our most discriminating customers." Castagna is one of only a small handful of restaurants in Portland working with True World to explore Tsukiji Market from afar. So far we particularly loved the buttery Ama-Dai or Tile Fish. It swims wild and is often caught with a single rod. We serve the fish day of, so make sure to call ahead or ask when you come to visit if Tuskiji Market fish is available!

chef's tasting menu


crab, grilled cucumber albacore squid lightly smoked trout, buttermilk, potato matsutake, porcini, concentrate of halibut foie gras, strawberry pocha bean, infused cream, tomato aged duck, gem lettuce, roquefort beef, allium, opal basil strawberry, spruce, sansho sourdough, grape caramelized potato skin

We are now also offering vegetarian substitutions for the full chef's tasting menu! We are happy to accommodate other allergies and dietary restrictions as well. Give us a call in advance to let us know how to best to serve your needs.

We're looking forward to seeing you this Fall!

- The Whole Team at Castagna

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