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Castagna proudly raises a glass to our James Beard nominees!

We are so honored to be doubly recognized by the James Beard Foundation this year. First, owner Monique Siu has been nominated for Outstanding Restaurateur. It is a wonderful compliment to her and the many talented and dedicated people that have worked together over the years to make Castagna what it is. She has honed the service and expanded the knowledge of front and back of house alike and has always striven for perfection without losing sight of vision, meaning, and ideals. We are so excited that her work is being given the recognition it deserves. Chef Justin Woodward has also been nominated for Best Chef Northwest for the third year in a row! Justin's food mirrors Monique's vision of finding the beauty and elegance in simplicity, while still retaining a playful mentality. Justin always says, "Dinner should be fun!" We think he achieves a fun and meaningful experience through his tasting menu here at Castagna. He deserves the nomination and we hope he brings home the award this year! Keep your ear to the ground on March 15th when they announce the finalists!

Second, we are happy to participate in a special dinner with our friend (and James Beard nominee as well) Ryan Roadhouse of Nodoguro. The dinner will take place on Tuesday, March 21st at 6:30pm. There are limited available seats so make sure to book before we fill up! Call us at 503-231-7373, or book from online here.

A little about the dinner:

MatchMaker Suppers presents a dinner with Chefs Justin Woodward and Ryan Roadhouse. We offer a 15 course tasting menu on the utilitarian ceramics of Lilith Rockett, Lindsay Oesterritter, and Careen Stoll created specifically for this event in celebration of The National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts conference hosted by Portland in 2017. We welcome you to enjoy our unprecedented collaboration between artful fine dining and tabletop composition.

The ceramic work is available after the event. Please contact the potters directly for a studio visit if you are interested.

Happy Spring to you and yours!

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